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Real estate professionals, are you tired of a barrage of fees from your broker? Are your real estate association fees and obligations outweighing the money you are earning selling real estate? Is the financial barrier to entry into this lucrative industry keeping you from pursuing real estate as a part-time job?

At Double V Real Estate LLC we have a solution to your career problems. If your goals as a real estate professional are to help you get out of debt and build financial freedom for you and your family then you have found the right real estate brokerage to make that happen. Our staff of highly trained real estate professionals and career counselors will help you identify your career goals with real estate, create a plan for you to achieve those goals, support you with elite training resources, and compensate you well at whatever level you want to participate in the industry.

We have four career paths for you to choose from:


Referral Real Estate Partner/Out-Of-State Relocation Area Expert

A Referral Real Estate Partner is one who actively generates leads and our in-house specialist transaction teams or relocation area experts if out-of-state, complete the transaction.

Full-Time Real Estate Professional As an Independent Transaction Specialist

An Independent Transaction Specialist is one who actively generates leads and closes their own transactions. They can be an individual or an entire team of agents under an Independent Transaction Specialist's umbrella.

Full-Time Real Estate Professional As an In-House Transaction Specialist

An In-House Transaction Specialist manages and closes transactions from our Referral Real Estate Partner's and Relocation Area Expert's.

Real Estate Investment Professional

A Real Estate Investment Professional is a real estate investor who holds an active license for real estate sales in the state of Arizona and transacts for their own benefit.


To find out more about joining the very best team in real estate representation and investment in Arizona today, please fill out the request for more information form below. A Double V Real Estate Career Counselor will contact you shortly. Thank you for choosing Double V Real Estate, Where Achieving Your Real Estate Goals is Ours.©