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Investing With Real Estate Licensing

Real estate investors that hold a real estate license in Arizona are unique breed. Not only do you understand the financial nuances and benefits of investing in real estate, you also have the knowledge and expertise to negotiate your transactions from start to finish. That creates an additional income stream for you with real estate commissions. Whether you are a fix and flip, buy-and-hold, syndication, or somewhere in between type of investor, you understand how commissions can affect your overall investment returns. Association dues and other fees associated with a transaction chip away at your bottom line defeating the point of becoming an agent---to make more per transaction, not spend it. In addition, the knowledge and expertise giving you an edge in the industry, also comes with some responsibilities that many real estate brokers shy away from, unable to meet the needs of the licensed real estate investor. Because real estate investment is your career, it is important that you select a real estate brokerage that understands and supports licensed real estate investors. At Double V Real Estate LLC we are the investor's brokerage because we are a real estate agency built for investors by real estate investors. A seasoned commercial and residential real estate investor herself, Heather Wagenhals, Designated Broker for Double V Real Estate LLC, has specifically chosen to build this boutique real estate brokerage to support the activities of the licensed real estate investor. Wagenhals goal is to provide unique tools and resources for the real estate investor in an environment where they can learn, share, and network, with other like-minded individuals in addition to avoiding association dues and excessive per transaction fees.  To explore your options as a Real Estate Investment Professional with Double V Real Estate LLC, please fill out the request for more information form below. A Double V Real Estate Career Counselor will contact you shortly. Thank you for choosing Double V Real Estate, Where Achieving Your Real Estate Goals is Ours.©

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